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Founded in 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Torres Di Dio Ballet Program is the result of the 20+ years of dance training, performing, teaching experience, and expertise of Bernadette M. Torres and Carlo Di Dio.


To prepare committed and talented dance students for a professional career by providing an excellent, well-rounded, dance education, allowing each student to recognize their greatest individual potential.



“There is, what we call, a 50/50 rule. The teacher contributes 50 and the student contributes 50. Together we are profound, together we grow. We cannot excel without the other. We are a team."


At TDBP, we focus on the dancer as a whole. Emphasis is placed on technique, artistry, anatomy and physiology, dance history, and the business of dance. Attaining a professional artistic career requires years of consistent dedication, self-motivation, passion, and intangible factors including physicality, mentality, and expression. 


Directors Bernadette M. Torres and Carlo Di Dio offer a wealth of expertise and knowledge. With the development of TDBP, Ms. Torres and Mr. Di Dio have created a program that meets the needs of students and parents seeking quality education, in a more personalized environment. 


"We know each of our students will take a different path, yet each student will have an impact on the dance world. Some will take on the role of professional dancer, choreographer, teacher, and director, while others will become the supporters of the art of dance. Each role is critical and necessary for dance to live on, evolve, and thrive."

We believe in educating and encouraging young dancers to be disciplined and self-motivated, while understanding what it takes to overcome life challenges through the Art of dance.
We prepare students to overcome adversity with exceptional ballet technique training using real life examples and the theory beyond every step execution. 
Teaching the artists and arts lovers of tomorrow, this program will consist of fundamental dance education for dedicated students from the age of 9 to 18. Great results come from great effort and commitment. 


Our program is based on the Vaganova method, a system of training that develops the knowledge of how a student's body should be used in order to dance with expression, grace, precision, coordination, and strength. Additionally, we pull various components from other ballet methods into class to create a well-rounded, versatile, student as they mature. We welcome students ages 8+.

TDBP's training includes:

  • Classical Ballet Technique

  • Pointe

  • Men's Technique

  • Female Variations

  • Male Variations

  • Pas De Deux

  • Contemporary

  • Jazzz

  • Conditioning

  • Pilates

  • Dance History

  • Video Analysis

  • Anatomy

  • Business for Dancers

  • Performances

  • International Competitions (Students are selected by the directors each year.)

Private Lessons are available upon request. Please CONTACT US to schedule a private.


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